Being Vegan in an Anti-Vegan World

Vegans are some of the most hated people right now.

We are hated for loving animals… and trying to tell people that animals should be treated with respect.

ALL we want is to end the mass murder of trillions of animals yearly. Why are we hated for that?

We can’t even mention it without being brigaded with verbal abuse and negative comments. Not to mention all the comments about how “delicious” meat is.

We can barely get a word out. We want to stop any more animals from suffering, but we can barely even speak up, without being hated and insulted. Imagine if you were insulted for trying to defend someone with Down syndrome, or someone from another race – in a time that many call “progressive”.

So many animals are tormented, tortured in the most unimaginable ways, and slaughtered every second, and we can’t even speak up without being called “crazy” or “preachy”, when those who eat these animals are “normal”, and those who insult us are praised.

Videos of vegan activism and helping farm animals will get few views and the rescuers will be called thieves and terrorists. While videos of people saving dogs will go viral and the rescuers will be called heroes.

We want to spread the message that all beings deserve love and respect, but we are hated for it. What are we supposed to do? Just step aside and watch as everyone around us participates and pays for torture and slaughter, without saying a thing? Should we pretend it’s all okay? Pretend that animal agriculture isn’t killing billions, and increasing climate change? Or should we speak up, and find ways to spread the vegan message?

I don’t know about you, but I want to help end animal oppression. And I want to spread our message of love and compassion. Even if I am hated for it – because if I’m going to make enemies, I’d rather do it by speaking up for those who can’t, and helping end the longest lasting form of oppression there is.


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